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Does anyone know if there is a help authoring tool out there that can produce help documentation for a software product that looks like a wiki? We are currently using the Confluence wiki engine, which is absolutely brilliant and we were wondering if there is anything like that but without the need for an Apache server. Something stand-alone that can give our users the help documentation they need. We have used help authoring tools and they all seem so clunky compared to a wiki.

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Use Wiki on a Stick.
Its a single .html file written in Javascript/html and saves the changes onto itself. You don't even need Apache. Awesome tool!

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How about Juli? It generates static HTML so you can browse documents by browser only.

It is used for:

  • Juli documentation itself.
  • Edgar project documentation (another my OSS project).
  • My personal wiki/blog. I'll show later since new users can only post two links(stackoverflow limitation)
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