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Is there any difference between the use of double quotes to single quotes in Python?

"A string with double quotes"
'A string with single quotes'

Are they identical? Are there differences in how python interprets these strings?

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Short answer: almost no difference except stylistically.
Short blurb: If you don't want to escape the quote characters inside your string, use the other type. eg:

string1 = "He turned to me and said, \"Hello there\""

would be slightly more unsightly than saying

string2 = 'He turned to me and said, "Hello there"'

The same applies to single quotes/apostrophes.

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Not generally, you just have to be consistent within a given statement. E.g., don't do "foo'

For further reading, see here.

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Double quotes look distinctive. Single quotes look like single ticks. Apart from that ...

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