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Is anybody able to point me in the right direction for writing a batch script for a UNIX shell to move files into a zip one at at time and then delete the original.

I cant use the standard zip function because i don't have enough space to fit the zip being created.

So any suggestions please

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Try this:

zip -r -m *
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I had already tried something like that, from the docs """ -m Move the specified files into the zip archive; actually, this deletes the target directories/files after making the specified zip archive. If a directory becomes empty after removal of the files, the directory is also removed. No deletions are done until zip has created the archive without error. This is useful for conserving disk space, but is potentially dangerous so it is recommended to use it in combination with -T to test the archive before removing all input files. """ –  Hugoagogo Jun 9 '11 at 1:48
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Not a great solution but simple, i ended up finding a python script that recursively zips a folder and just added a line to delete the file after it is added to the zip

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