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Newbie: help switching locale with JSF

Hi, I hope someone can help, I am having problems switching between locales in particular en_GB to en_US and en_US to en_GB for my website, however all other two character locales are switching fine.

faces_config.xml snippet


web page snippet

  <f:view locale="#{localeBean.locale}">
         <h:selectOneMenu value="#{localeBean.language}" onchange="submit()">
           <f:selectItem itemValue="en_GB" itemLabel="English (British)" />
           <f:selectItem itemValue="en_US" itemLabel="English (American)" />
           <f:selectItem itemValue="cy" itemLabel="Cymraeg (British)" />
           <f:selectItem itemValue="es" itemLabel="Español (España)" />
           <f:selectItem itemValue="fr" itemLabel="Français (France)" />

Java bean

public class LocaleBean {

private Locale locale = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().getLocale();

public Locale getLocale() {
    return locale;

public String getLanguage() {
    return locale.getLanguage();

public void setLanguage(String language) {

    if ( language.equals("en_GB") ) {
        locale = new Locale("en","GB");
    else if ( language.equals("en_US") ) {
        locale = new Locale("en","US");
    else {
        locale = new Locale(language);



My problem is when I change the locale to en_US or en_GB the selectItem defaults to en_GB itemLablel, so unless I select either fr, es or cy first I am unable to select either en_US or en_GB locales.

Any help appreciated

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The reason why it happens should be obvious:

public String getLanguage() {
    return locale.getLanguage();

This will always return language-code only. But your English identifiers are "en_GB" and "en_US" respectively, so it always selects first item.

I believe now, the fix is obvious, isn't it? The modification I recommend is:

public String getLanguage() {
    return locale.toString();

That is, unless you are using just the language code somewhere else...

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Thanks for your help - that worked a treat, I was pulling my hair out and as you said it's obvious when you think about it, great job. –  disswade Jun 9 '11 at 13:21

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