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Post has user and date attributes.

How can I turn this

posts = Post.objects.order_by('-date')[:30]

to give me 30 or less posts consisting of the last post by every user?

For example if I have 4 posts stored, 3 are from post.user="Benny" and 1 from post.user="Catherine" it should return 1 post from Benny and 1 from Catherine ordered by date.

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I would probably use annotate, you might be able to use extra to get down to a single query.

posts = []
for u in User.objects.annotate(last_post=Max('post__date')).order_by('-last_post')[:30]:

You could also use raw, which would let you write a SQL query, but still return model instances. For instance:

sql = """
SELECT * FROM app_post
    (SELECT MAX( FROM app_post
     GROUP BY app_post.user_id)
posts = list(Post.objects.raw(sql))
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I agree with you. But, there should be order_by('-last_post') and posts.append(u.post_set.latest('date')) to get latest posts. – srusskih Jun 9 '11 at 6:01
@srusskih Yeah that helps, eh? – zeekay Jun 9 '11 at 6:28

untested but you might be able to do this

from django.db.models import Max
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