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I am fairly new to using mechanize, and even Ruby in general. I am using it to navigate a site which has badly malformed HTML. In particular, I have a page which has checkboxes outside of a form (Despite this, the server handles the requests sanely).

I would like to check these boxes and click a submit button (also outside the form). However, I cant use Form.checkbox_with because I dont have a Form object, I only have the Page. I can locate the checkbox on the page with page.search("//input[@name='silly-checkbox']"), but as I understand it I cant check it afterwards (because Nokogiri is only used for scraping and does not track state). Please let me know if that is incorrect.

Bottom Line: How can I get a Mechanize::Form::Checkbox object when my checkbox is not in a form?

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You could manually load remote page using plain old Nokogiri, then fix markup (i.e. find checkboxes outside forms and wrap them), and construct Mechanize classes by yourself from fixed HTML code.

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You can modify your form by deleting and merging new fields.

form.add_field!('gender', 'male')

rdoc here

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