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I am trying to create orkut application using oAuth authentication. I'm referring to following document : http://code.google.com/apis/orkut/docs/rest/developers_guide_protocol.html The part i do not understand from that document is - "Acquiring a shared secret". When i go to https://www.google.com/gadgets/directory/verify and click on verify button, it says - Please ensure that the URL is correct and contains a valid gadget specification.

I have created one aa.xml file which only contains a single line token provided to me which reads as :

They say - To verify ownership include the following token in a tag in the gadget located at..

I do not understand what should be the contents of xml file. Can someone please redirect me to nice tutorial or something like that which also explains above part too??

Thank You.

P.S. What is RPC? Do i need it to implement basic app?

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