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I'm making a Unicode translator in java.I done all hard part.But now I want to add an image to the textpane and user must have the ability to resize image with its edjes and drag and drop the image within the textpane where he likes. (like Microsoft Word or Photoshop) I tried the Styled Document properties.But I couldn't find way except insert only the imageicon. Can anyone help me with this trouble ?

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What do you mean by "with its edges"? Could you draw a picture of what you want to happen? If you have something almost but not quite working, could you show a screenshot and highlight what's wrong with it? –  Karl Knechtel Jun 9 '11 at 4:06
Reposted: stackoverflow.com/questions/6288064/… –  camickr Jun 9 '11 at 16:18
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May be a better choice would be not to use textPane.

If you have an custom editable label, that can be edited by double clicking on it to show a text box to edit the contents, and change the text of the label when enter key is pressed.

Also give a shot of JDesktoppane, JLayeredPane, and check what components can be added to it.

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