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Is there any equivalent of IO COmpletion ports on Mac OS X for implementing Asynchronous IO on files....

Thank you....

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Since you asked for a Windows specific feature for OS X, instead of using kqueue directly you may try libevent. It's a thin wrapper to different AIO mechanisms and it work on both platforms.

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Thank you.. I will try using it.... –  anonymos Jun 9 '11 at 4:55
libevent uses Windows select() function. This function is basically a toy. It only works for sockets, not file descriptors in general, and cannot use more than 64 sockets. When serving just 64 clients, you can just as well use threads and blocking i/o. –  Sturla Molden Mar 26 at 14:23

Unfortunately, no.

kqueue is the mechanism for high-performance asynchronous i/o on OSX and FreeBSD. Like Linux epoll it signals in the opposite end of i/o compared to IOCPs (Solaris, AIX, Windows). kqueue and epoll will signal when it's ok to attempt a read or a write, whereas IOCPs will callback when a read or a write has completed. Many find the signalling mechanism used by epoll and kqueue difficult to understand compared to the IOCP model. So while kqueue and IOCP are both mechanisms for high-performance asynchronous i/o, they are not comparable.

It is possible to implement IOCPs using epoll or kqueue and a thread pool. You can find an example of that in the Wine project.


Mac OS X has an implementation of IOCP like functions in Grand Central Dispatch. It uses the GCD thread pool and kqueue APIs internally. Convinience functions are dispatch_read and dispatch_write. Like IOCP the asynchronous I/O functions in GCD signals at the completion of an I/O task, not when the file descriptor is ready like the raw kqueue API.

Beware that GCD APIs are not "fork safe", and cannot be used on both sides of a POSIX fork without an exec. If you do, the function call will never return.

Also beware that kqueue in Mac OS X is rumored to be less performant than kqueue in FreeBSD, so it might be better for development than production. GCD (libdispatch) is Open Source however, and can be used on other platforms as well.

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Use Kqueue


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thank you.. Any pointers to sample code for how to use it for getting Async IO completion notification.... –  anonymos Jun 9 '11 at 4:25

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