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I get:

Your project contains error(s), please fix them before running your application.

...when I try to compile and run my project.

Eclipse indicates no errors. The only warnings I have are asterisk imports.

Yes, I have tried cleaning and building the project, but to no avail.

The problem didn't even go away when I temporarily deleted the single source file I have (and then cleaned and built).

I've tried restarting Eclipse multiple times.

I doubt rebooting my computer will have any effect.

My Droid X is plugged in on USB for testing. Not sure if that would have any effect.

Things like these are really frustrating, I really appreciate the help.

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See the problem by clicking Problems on bottom tab. If it's not there, open it by selecting window > Show View > Problems.

And paste the Error here, so I can know the real problem.. :)


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AHAHA! Error generating final archive: Debug Certificate expired on 6/8/11 11:57 PM With a google search I found this thread. The problem is that my debug signature had expired. So deleting ~/.android/debug.keystore under my windows user account folder did the trick. Glad we figured this one out! –  Teddy Jun 9 '11 at 5:30
thats a common problem. The Annoying Invisible Problem :p Glad I can help you ^^ –  Tek Yin Jun 9 '11 at 5:41

Can't tell you why this is happening, but here are some things I'd try:

  • Close and reopen the project
  • Delete and re-import the project
  • Check that you're not filtering errors too narrowly (e.g. only selected resource)
  • Go into build configuration and check that there are no unresolved project and library dependencies
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Thanks for your comment, nothing worked though. I'll keep trying. –  Teddy Jun 9 '11 at 4:49

You can try to delete .settings file. And then delete you project from workspace and re-import. Maybe that helps but thats just a guess :/

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Tried both... :/ –  Teddy Jun 9 '11 at 4:50

I deleted the whole code and saved it in a seperate file. than save the empty file where the non-existing errors appear. now the problems are gone and you can copy the code back to the file :)

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