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I an developing a web application in ASP.Net using C#, under .Net Framework 4.0. Now its time to implement payment page in that application. I am asked to provide the facility of every payment mechanism (pay-pal, credit card, visa card, master card etc.)

Now to be honest i even don't know the difference among these card type :(. Please guide me how to achieve this and if possible also suggest the tentative time for implementing this.

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@user492238 I gone through the paypal developer site and get some basic understanding of how to implement paypal. And planing to start coding from today. But i am confused, that do i need to create separate page for each payment method? I am not willing to do so – Jame Jun 9 '11 at 5:41
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PayPal can take just about all of these types - why not just have them process everything? Its hard to give you an answer of implementation time as I have no idea what your application is like - but its fairly easy to setup.

Here is a paypal for dummies link:

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