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I have 3 operation that need to process sequentially, they are

  1. GetMainInformation
  2. GetDetails1
  3. GetDetails2

I'm doing this by code like below but I think it isn't clean. I want to know an alternative way to do async operation in sequential order.

GetMainInformation.Completed += GetDetails1;
GetDetails1.Completed += GetDetails2;
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You can use Caliburn Micro's IResult and Coroutines. How to ensure all properties have loaded in Silverlight ViewModel pattern (Concurrency Control?)

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You could create a queue. Something like this:

GetMainInformation.Completed += GetMainInformationCompleted
GetDetails1.Completed += GetDetails1Completed
GetDetails2.Completed += GetDetails2Completed

Start the request:

requestCounter = 3;

In each one of the completed functions:

void GetMainInformationCompleted()
  // Store result in member variable
  if (requestCounter == 0)
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If the code must run in a specific order, and sequentially, why not have Getdetails2, called in the oncompletion of GetDetails1, etc so it works its way through? Or. Have your service have a function to call all 3, if the data is related, it maybe feasible to have a data structure with lists/arrays within it such as.

   String CustomerName, 
String Address, 
String PhoneNumber, 
List<orders> Orders, 
List<itemsMarked> ItemsMarked

Where the MainInfo goes to the customer parts, the details1 goes into orders and details2 into marked items etc.

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