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I have two different helper files (photos_helper & comments_helper) w/ that have a method named actions_for. How can I explicitly call which helper method that I need? I know that I could just rename one of them but I would prefer to keep them the same. I tried PhotosHelper::actions_for but that doesn't seem to work.

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In Rails 3 all helpers are always (in Rails 3.1 a patch exists to selectively allow helpers again) included. What's happening behind the scenes:

class YourView
  include ApplicationHelper
  include UserHelper
  include ProjectHelper


So depending on the order Rails includes them, any of your actions_for methods will be used. There is no way you can explicitly chose one of them.

If you would have to explicitly call ProjectHelper.action_for, you could also name your methods project_action_for - simplest solution.

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Make both of them a Class Method

module LoginsHelper
  def self.your_method_name


module UsersHelper
  def self.your_method_name

Then in View

   LoginsHelper.your_method_name #Gives 'LoginsHelper'


   UsersHelper.your_method_name #Gives 'UsersHelper'
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However this doesn't allow access to any other "regular" ActionView::Helper methods like link_to, _url, image_tag within there. – Marcel Jackwerth Jun 9 '11 at 6:41

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