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I have added success and failure handlers to a :remote => true link generated by rails:


link_to 'Cancel', cancel_path(block), :method => :delete, :remote => true, :id => "cancel-button"


 $('#cancel-button').live('ajax:failure', function(){console.log('failure');});
 $('#cancel-button').live('ajax:success', function(){console.log('success');});

When the response from the server is 200 the console output works - success.

When the response from the server is 404, neither of these handlers fire. No output.

The same is true when the server returns a 500 status - no output.

Any ideas why rails.js might not be catching this?

Thank you!

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Whoops. Contrary to the blog post I was reading the name of the event is actually ajax:error rather than ajax:failure...

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