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Everyone knows? about avatar url in tumblr api / read / json? like for example the facebook?[your facebook id]/picture?type=normal

$tumblog = 'natadec0c0'; // change to your username
// if your Tumblog is self hosted, you need to change the base url to the location of your tumblog
$baseurl = 'http://' . $tumblog . '';
$request = $baseurl . '/api/read/json';
$ci = curl_init($request);
$input = curl_exec($ci);

// Tumblr JSON doesn't come in standard form, some str replace needed

$input = str_replace('var tumblr_api_read = ','',$input);
$input = str_replace(';','',$input);

// parameter 'true' is necessary for output as PHP array

$value = json_decode($input,true);
$content =  $value['posts'];
$blogInfo = $value['tumblelog'];

// the number of items you want to display
$item = 10;

// Echo the blog info
echo "<h3><a href=\"" . $baseurl . "\">" . $blogInfo['title'] . "</a></h3>\n";
echo "<h4>" . $blogInfo['picture'] . "</h4>\n<hr />\n";


how to append my current avatar?

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I guess you have to use


to get the avatar of the user. The sample response for mine is

<tumblr version="1.0">
<user default-post-format="html" can-upload-audio="1" can-upload-aiff="1" can-ask-question="1" can-upload-video="1" max-video-bytes-uploaded="26214400" liked-post-count="134"/>
<tumblelog title="ABNKKPGPiCTuReNPLaKo?!" is-admin="1" posts="301" twitter-enabled="0" draft-count="0" messages-count="0" queue-count="" name="arvn" url="" type="public" followers="17" avatar-url="" is-primary="yes" backup-post-limit="30000"/>
<tumblelog title="i kras yu." is-admin="1" posts="1" twitter-enabled="0" draft-count="0" messages-count="0" queue-count="" name="ikrasyu" url="" type="public" followers="2" avatar-url="" backup-post-limit="30000"/>

and get the avatar-url field of the corresponding tumblelog. Too bad there is no json format option, maybe use preg_match. You also need the email address and password of the user, or do it via OAuth.

Or you could scrape the tumblelog for the avatar.

$page = file_get_contents("http://{$tumblog}");
$avatar = preg_match('/<img src="(http.+)" alt="portrait"/', $page, $matches) ? $matches[1]: '';
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thank you for sir, but about without OAuth? amm just like this site try to add your tumblr username.. then refresh the page it will automatically add your tumblr photo... how did it done? sir :) – mardagz Jun 9 '11 at 7:27
@marc Best bet would be that they fetch the tumblelog page and look for this <img src="AVATAR_URL" alt="portrait". Try to add a tumblelog that does not display their avatar on the home page. – Arvin Jun 9 '11 at 7:37
@marc I edited my answer to add that option; scraping the page – Arvin Jun 9 '11 at 7:45
owhhh whew, i will this bro.. :) wait a second.. :) – mardagz Jun 9 '11 at 9:07
bro @arvin, i think i got it. :) thank you so much bro... whew... savior... – mardagz Jun 9 '11 at 9:27

A better solution for this is to put the Avatar api in an img tag.{base-hostname}/avatar[/size]

example: <img src=''/>

So as long as you have the blogname, you can display the avatar.

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For me I had to include /blog/, aka <img src=''/> – Zach Saucier Nov 21 '13 at 22:27

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