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I have a .txt file created in Windows and now should be edited in Linux. I want to match end of a line with grep, let's say content of the line I gonna to find is "foo bar" in file bar. Then I issue the command grep 'r$' bar, no output yielded.

Given in Windows a new line consists of '\r\n', different from Linux/Unix a single '\n', I think there must be something subtle related to this. Then I convert the file with dos2unix and voila, it works.

My question is how can I match the content without convert the original file?

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Best Regards.

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If your grep supports -P (perl-regexp), then to match a CRLF:

grep -P '\r$' file


grep Ctrl+VCtrl+M file

(Ctrl+VCtrl+M will produce ^M)

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Use a pattern with matches both line ends: r\r?\n

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give it a try awk

awk '/r$/' RS='\r\n' bar


awk '/r\r$/' bar
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