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I have three tables

Table1 Table2 and Table3.

Table1 having column ID. Table2 having column names ID,Name. Table three having column name Name.

Now i want to retrive ID from table1 which is there in Table2 by so that the name associated with ID in table to should be in Table3.


Without using IN operator.Only joins.

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select table1.id, table2.name
from table1
join table2 on table2.id = table1.id
join table3 on table3.name = table2.name
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select distinct t1.ID
from Table1 t1
    ,Table2 t2
    ,Table3 t3
where t1.ID = t2.ID
  and t2.Name = t3.Name


select t1.ID
from Table1 t1
where exists (
  select 1
  from Table2 t2
      ,Table3 t3
  where t1.ID = t2.ID
    and t2.Name = t3.Name
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Nice try, but no. –  Chuck van der Linden Jun 9 '11 at 22:56

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