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I have a site which manages the creation of Second Life users for a particular island. Users will create a Second Life account through the site's RegAPI. However, their account information are not given to user, but instead store within a database. The requirement is that the user will log onto our site first (using our own authentication) and we'll automatically log their avatar into Second Life.

How do I send a request to log into Second Life from our site, and obtain a session id which we then pass to the user's viewer (through the secondlife::// protocol)

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you also need to watch the terms of service, there are some rules governing handling of other people's SL user authentication data. – Colin Coghill Oct 19 '11 at 20:41

Apparently, the idea of having a web login key returned to a server and using that to log users in through the viewer has been dropped. The only way I see is to modify the Second Life viewer code to take in the avatar name and password through SLURL (preferably encrypted first).

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Second life uses a openid authentication scheme and oauth. The best model would to have users register viva openid/oauth to linden labs then present them with a secondlife:// uri links.

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