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Does anyone know any good solutions for automated deployment to a remote server using SFTP? I am specifically trying to deploy an asp.net mvc website to mosso. I can do it manually every time using an SFTP client, but would much rather have an automated (and consistent) way to do this.

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I have written a pretty detailed blog post using TeamCity, and Web Deployment projects to automate build and deployment as a starter here:


I have then added to this to show FTP addition


A basic process flow is pretty simple:

  • Using a teamcity build server i download from my SVN repo
  • I build and deploy the site to a local folder on the build server
  • I fire a command line FTP client that supports scripting called
  • WinSCP using the MSBUILD Task EXEC (http://winscp.net/)
  • Upload all my sites content
  • Have [insert beverage] of choice

I then make sure that i only deploy the Trunk of my SVN repo, and develop and test everything in an branch before merging - this way only tested stuff gets deployed. Add Automated testing to your build cycle and you've got a match made in heaven.

Some great free tools to get going are:

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+1 Great answer with nice detail –  ExecutionOrder Aug 31 '12 at 8:15

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