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I've recently started to see a hang when testing GWT apps running in hosted mode. It hangs with the message "Connecting to"

The only solution is to stop and restart a few times. Has anyone else seen this?

If so, any ideas about the cause? I wondered if it was a firewall block. I'm using Zonealarm. If you are also seeing this, please add a comment to this question mentioning which firewall you use - maybe we can see a pattern that way.

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If you think it's the firewall have you tried turning ZoneAlarm off to see if that fixes the problem? –  Dave Webb Mar 10 '09 at 6:31
I have also Zonealarm running and had to set the java executable in program control to full access rights, i.e. set 'Server Internet' to 'Allow'. –  Hilbrand Bouwkamp Mar 10 '09 at 9:46

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In my experience this sort of thing is usually a firewall problem - turn zonealarm off and then make sure that Windows firewall hasn't kicked on again (not unheard of!) If this works then just add a rule to allow GWT to act as a server / connect via localhost (adding the rule on java.exe should work.) If not can you confirm you've tried turning the firewall(s) off?

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Are you using a Mac?

Maybe you are affected by this issue:

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Since he's using Zonealarm, I don't think he use a Mac ... –  j0k Nov 27 '12 at 14:48

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