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Specifically I want to use FufBufferTag in coffeescript files. I've added the following to my ~/.ctags

--regex-coffee=/^[ \t]*([A-Za-z_]+): (\([^)]*\))? *->(.*)/\1 \2/f,function/

(very basic coffeescript method regex so far)

If I run ctags from the command line, it works, but FufBufferTag still doesn't

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I was having this same issue with CSS; added the regexes to my .ctags and they wouldn't show up with FufBufferTag. After searching through FuzzyFinder's buffertag.vim, I discovered it was restricting the tagged languages. I was able to add this line to my .vimrc to enable CSS with FufBufferTag:

let g:fuf_buffertag__css='--language-force=css'

I assume something similar will work for your coffeescript definitions:

let g:fuf_buffertag__coffee='--language-force=coffee'

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