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I would know how can I solve this issue when I try to commit a file:

The working copy "PROJECT-NAME" failed to commit files.

dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _apr_stat$INODE64
Referenced from: /usr/bin/svn
Expected in: /usr/lib/libapr-1.0.dylib

dyld: Symbol not found: _apr_stat$INODE64 Referenced from: /usr/bin/svn Expected in: /usr/lib/libapr-1.0.dylib

I can list, checkout but I can't commit with Xcode. I can use Versions or command line to commit. But I would like to be able to commit with Xcode too.

So I tried to change the dynamic library libapr-1.0 to a more recent library with this command from the shell:

sudo install_name_tool -change /usr/lib/libapr-1.0.dylib /usr/lib/libapr- /usr/bin/svn

It appears Xcode won't list anymore, so what should I do? Any suggestion?

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It looks like your 'svn' binary is broken.

You can update it to newest version by downloading and compiling source code of svn. There is really easy guide on (just skip to "Installing Subversion" section).

You can also ask someone to send you compiled binary.

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I would suggest the following:

  1. Install/reinstall the latest version of svn
  2. If that doesn't work, reinstall Xcode
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