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I have googled and gone through some of the posts, im not clear about creating the themes for the android phone.
I just want to create the themes for the android mobile. Not necessary to be an app.

As far as i know the HTC Desire HD consists the option of theme(In that it is named as skins).

My question is
How to create a theme for the android mobile?

Can we do that programatically? if so provide me some samples

If we cant create programatically then Wat is the procedure to create the theme?

and i want to know that whether i can do something like Firmware Modification. If firmware modification is possible how can i do tat?

Help me out..

I have gone through this Link but i cant able to figure it out right.

Thanks in advance.

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Check this link, it might help you; – Avi Kumar Manku Jul 7 '11 at 9:49

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