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when dialog close the page have dialog mockup as hidden in page. so how i can remove them then they are removed with the mockup. means how i can remove dialog with the mockup so later their is no mockup same can found in DOM.

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I think you you must use .dialog("destroy") withe the same selector you used to create it or if you assind the dialog to a javascript variable you call the method on the variable.

$('#myid').dialog("destroy")//You created it with $('#myid').dialog()
mydialog.dialog("destroy")//You created it with var mydialog = $('#myid').dialog()

if you want to this when you close the dialag do this when creating it:

$('#myid').dialog({close: $('#myid').dialog("destroy")});

EDIT - ok i understood you wanted to remove the dialog. To remove the html i think you can do this:

$('#myid').dialog({close: $('#myid').remove()});
//this removes the element with the id myid from the DOM
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i try it but content not remove from the page. i need them with the remove of content –  Gupta Jun 9 '11 at 9:53
thanks it's worked –  Gupta Jun 9 '11 at 11:01


var dialog = $('#my_dialog').dialog();

Or put it in the close event:

var dialog = $('#my_dialog').dialog({
    close: function() {
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