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I have a few mathematical simulations in unmanaged C++ and now I need to integrate them with Excel (so that it is possible to call the functions from Excel and get the values back). I don't want to use any VBA, so I guess I have to implement an XLL addin. I would like to use as few third party additional frameworks as possible. Could someone point me to a good tutorial?

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It's more than a tutorial, but this book contains pretty much everything you need to know to write a C++ XLL:… . It also has a disk with some code for XLOPER classes that is third-party, but it's source code, and not a heavy framework. – jtolle Jun 9 '11 at 14:29

Starting out with the SDK can be a bit unpleasant. I'd suggest you try one of the toolkits:

Of course for managed code, or to make a C# wrapper that calls your unmanaged C++ code from .NET UDFs, you'd use Excel-DNA (

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