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I am using gwt to create a table where i add some borders. Fx

DOM.setStyleAttribute(cellElement, "border-left", "solid");
DOM.setStyleAttribute(cellElement, "border-right", "double");

Different browsers then sets the styling very differently. Especially the border property. It could be

border-left: solid 1px;
border-right: double 2px;


border-style-left: solid;
border-width-left: 1px;
border-style-right: double;
border-width-left: 2px;

or even as a single property

border: solid none double none;

Is the some way that these different ways of writing the same could be parsed, so that it would be easier to find border properties of a table. Something like:

border-left: solid;
border-top: none;
border-right: double;
border-bottom: none;
border-width-left: 1px;
border-width-top: 1px;

And the parsing should be done on the client side

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currentStyle / getComputedStyle() will help with that, as long as the element has already been rendered. You'll need to write a JSNI method to access it, since there doesn't appear to be an API wrapper for this in the DOM package.

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