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I have opened my first light switch application.

When I click properties on the solution and go to the Application Type , i don't have the options where i choose 2-tier or 3-tier. Instead , i have -

"Choose the client and server topology for your application:" label , and i have the next options :

Desktop , Web.

In the tutorial i saw that i need to choose 2-tier....

Also , i don't have an checkboxes Like : Allow export to Excel....

I have installed vs2010 sp1 , and LigjtSwitch Beta2

what could be the problem?


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I haven't done this yet with beta 2, but I think you would find Beth's blog post very helpful (scroll down to Direct Publishing a LightSwitch Application if you don't need to configure a server). Also, the official documentation on doing this is here.

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thanks a lot... – N.D Jul 12 '11 at 4:08

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