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I've used TortoiseSVN for several years.

Several branches were created, merged back to trunk, and then deleted.

Example of deleted branches:

https://SvnServer/svn/MyProject/branches/branch1 https://SvnServer/svn/MyProject/branches/branch2 https://SvnServer/svn/MyProject/branches/branch3

The svn:mergeinfo of the trunk (https://SvnServer/svn/MyProject/trunk) still contains those merge tracking info for those deleted branches.

Example of svn:mergeinfo:


Are these info still necessary? Can I remove them from svn:mergeinfo property?

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Are they a problem? I would Just leave them, we have loads and loads of them on our Trunk. You never know if you may need to see which revisions of a branch were merged into the trunk. Also, the braches can still be viewed using the Repo Browser and just picking the revision before they were deleted.

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Sometimes it DO casue the problem. when I create new branch and at the moment to merge it back. I can not use "Reintegrate a branch" option and have to select "Merge two different trees". –  user790868 Jun 13 '11 at 2:59

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