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I have a keyboard toolbar setup with a PREVIOUS and NEXT button. I'm trying to figure out which textfield has focus so I can allow the user to jump to the next field or go back to the previous field. My code currently looks like this:

//Setup keyboard toolbar.
var flexSpace = Titanium.UI.createButton({

var navButtons = Titanium.UI.createButtonBar({

    // Previous Button, index 0.;
    if (e.index == 0){
        if (nameTxt.hasFocus == "nameTxt"){

    // Next Button, index 1.
    if (e.index == 1){
        if (nameTxt.hasFocus){
            nameTxt.hasFocus = false;
            phoneTxt.hasFocus = true;


I think I'm close to getting this working, so just need the final push. Any help appreciated.

Regards, Stephen

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you could just set the keyboard to have a next button on it?

it won't solve the forward and back, but it is easier than the solution below.

The hard way is to track which field has focus in a separate property. Whenever the focus changes, update the property to the new item that has focus

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Have you tried using addEventListener with blur and focus?

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Extracted from here:

function CreateTextField(options) {
    var tf = Ti.UI.createTextField(options);
    //define flag
    tf.hasFocus = false;

    tf.addEventListener('focus', function() {
        this.hasFocus = true;

    tf.addEventListener('blur', function() {
        this.hasFocus = false;
    return tf;

And then just call the CreateTextField like:

          width: 150,
          left: 110,
          height: 35,
          hintText: 'login_email',
          keyboardType : Titanium.UI.KEYBOARD_EMAIL,
          keyboardToolbar : [navButtons, flexSpace, done],
          color: '#949495'

After that, you can do:;

if (e.index == 0){
  if (email.hasFocus){

Hope this help you!

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