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Say I have a Contoller.java that has these 3 functions to direct traffic to the 3 jsps (index.jsp, create.jsp, show.jsp)

public class Controller

  public void index(@Context HttpServletRequest request,
  @Context HttpServletResponse response)
      //If I get hit I redirect to index.jsp


  public void create(@FormParam ("name") String name, @Context HttpServletRequest     request)
  @Context HttpServletResponse response
       //if i get hit I take the form param name do stuff to create new instance of whatever


  public void show (@PathParam(id) String id, @Context HttpServletRequest request,
  @Context HttpServletResponse response)
      //if I get hit I show the object with the given id from the url


In my constituent JSP

index.jsp just a simple page to display created types - easy enough

create.jsp Just form to create the type and redirect back to index.jsp on submit -->Problem: link back to index.jsp would be <a href="index">index</a>

show.jsp just a form with the defualt values of the selected instance and a button to return to index --Problem: link back to index.jsp would be <a href="../index">index</a>

Question: How do I reference the same path in different pages without being ambiguous like this. Does rest api offer a way to around this without having to find out where your page is relative to the other?

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Just use domain-relative links. I.e., let it start with /. You can obtain the context path dynamically by HttpServletRequest#getContextPath().

<a href="${pageContext.request.contextPath}/index">index</a>

It'll end up in HTML like as

<a href="/yourwebappcontextpath/index">index</a>

If you get tired of repeating it everytime, use the <base>. See also this answer.

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