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I am trying to read a package variable during design-time. I am able to do it during run-time fairly easily:

IDTSVariables variables = null;
pipelineComponent.VariableDispenser.GetVariables(out variables);

But during design-time, I don't have a PipelineComponent and I can't find any object that will give me a VariableDispenser.

I've looked at the IDtsVariableService class, but it appears to only provide a helper UI to facilitate the creation of new variables -- I want to read an existing variable.

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Turns out I was close, it was the IDtsPipelineEnvironmentService class:

Variables vars = null;

IDtsPipelineEnvironmentService pipelineService = (IDtsPipelineEnvironmentService)serviceProvider_.GetService(typeof(IDtsPipelineEnvironmentService));
pipelineService.PipelineTaskHost.VariableDispenser.GetVariables(ref vars);
VARIABLE = vars[0].Value.ToString();
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Probably, the following link might help you.

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