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Using FileZilla, I can access folders that are outside my web directory. How can I do the same with Dreamweaver so that I can edit the files and automatically save/upload all through Dreamweaver? I currently can only access the web directory.

I know how to include them with PHP, but I would like Dreamweaver to find/access them.

Thank you!

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You would have to set the Site Definition (both local and remote) paths to look one level higher than you currently have it. So if the local path is

My Documents/Web Sites/This Site

you would change it to

My Documents/Web Sites/

and if the remote is:


change to


The problem you are going to run into is that Dreamweaver doesn't work well when set like this. It assumes the Remote path is the public web root and will create all sorts of files and folders there automatically and DW expects those to be in the public root. Also, things like setting paths to includes and images automatically will start to not work as all paths will start outside of the public web root.

Best to leave it as it is and use an external FTP program to handle the files outside of the web site.

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