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I'm looking for a solution for how to be able to extract data from a database when using either a DataRow and a DataReader with only one function (or one base function).

My problem stems from the fact that sometimes I need a DataReader and sometimes I need a DataTable/DataRow but then in order to extract the data from those objects I need two seperate Data access methods because they do not share an interface.

Basically when my database structure changes, I don't want to have to go in and write the following data retrieval code in multiple functions:

someValue = dr["someValue"]

It's the same syntax and does the same thing so I want a function that shares that functionality regardless of whether I'm using a DataReader or DataTable/DataRow to extract the data from the database.

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You can use CreateDataReader method in DataTable class to access data through DbDataReader base class. Hence you can change the implementation but keep the mapping.

public List<MyType> GetMyTypeCollection(DbDataReader reader)
//mapping code here

It would be better if you can move to an ORM where you do not have to map manually.

Take a look at this micro ORM Dapper

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Thanks this is exactly what I needed! I had no idea that method existed. –  user116698 Jun 9 '11 at 14:29

Do you mean auto map sql query result's row to an entity? Like this ?

        public static List<T> ToList<T>(this IDataReader idr , int count)
       where T : new ( ) {
        if ( idr == null )
            throw new ArgumentNullException ( "idr" );

        if ( idr.IsClosed ) {
            throw new ArgumentException ( "IDataReader is closed." );

        Type businessEntityType = typeof ( T );
        List<T> entitys = new List<T> ( );
        Hashtable hashtable = new Hashtable ( );
        PropertyInfo[] properties = businessEntityType.GetProperties ( );

        int idx = 0;

        foreach ( PropertyInfo info in properties ) {
            hashtable[info.Name.ToUpper ( )] = info;

        while ( idr.Read ( ) ) {

            if ( count > 0 )

            T newObject = new T ( );
            for ( int index = 0 ; index < idr.FieldCount ; index++ ) {
                PropertyInfo info = ( PropertyInfo )
                                    hashtable[idr.GetName ( index ).ToUpper ( )];
                if ( ( info != null ) && info.CanWrite ) {
                    try {
                        info.SetValue ( newObject , idr.GetValue ( index ) , null );
                    } catch {
            entitys.Add ( newObject );

            if ( idx > count )
        return entitys;
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Use this article to convert the datareader to a datatable and then you can interface both as a datatable

So you would basically add this function that get's called from your dataLayer:

public DataTable ConvertDataReader(SqlDataReader dr)
  SqlDataReader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection); 
  DataTable dtSchema = dr.GetSchemaTable();
  DataTable dt = new DataTable();

  // You can also use an ArrayList instead of List<>
  List<DataColumn> listCols = new List<DataColumn>();            
  if(dtSchema != null) 
     foreach (DataRow drow in dtSchema.Rows)
        string columnName = System.Convert.ToString(drow["ColumnName"]); 
        DataColumn column = new DataColumn(columnName, 
        column.Unique = (bool)drow["IsUnique"];
        column.AllowDBNull = (bool)drow["AllowDBNull"];
        column.AutoIncrement = (bool)drow["IsAutoIncrement"];

  // Read rows from DataReader and populate the DataTable 
  while (dr.Read())
    DataRow dataRow = dt.NewRow();
    for(int i = 0; i < listCols.Count; i++)
      dataRow[((DataColumn)listCols[i])] = dr[i];

And then in your function where you get the datatable, you would then do an if it's a dataReader, pass the reader to the function to return a datatable:

DataTable dtFromReader = ConvertDataReader(dr);
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Create an adapter to hide implementation of DataReader to work with DataTable/DataRow codes

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