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Need to show a credits screen where I want to acknowledge the many contributors to my application.

Want it to be an automatically scrolling box, much like the credits roll at the end of the film.

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A easy-to-use snippet would be to make a multiline textbox. With a timer you may insert line after line and scroll to the end after that:

textbox1.SelectionStart = textbox1.Text.Length;

Not the best method but it's simple and working. There are also some free controls available for exactly this auto-scrolling.

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A quick and dirty method would be to use a Panel with a long list of Label controls on it that list out the various people and contributions. Then you need to set the Panel to be AutoScroll so that it has a vertical scrollbar because the list of labels goes past the bottom of the displayed Panel. Then add a time that updates the AutoScrollOffset by 1 vertical pixel each timer tick. When you get to the bottom you reset the offset to 0 and carry on. The only downside is the vertical scrollbar showing.

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Embed a WebBrowser control, and use a technique like this to do some javascript scrolling of the HTML content of your choice.

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If you're using a .NET form you can just flick to the HTML view and use the marquee html element:


To be honest it's not great and I wouldn't use it for a commercial job since it can come across as a bit tacky - mainly because it's been overused on so many bad sites in the past. However, it might just be a quick solution to your problem.

Another option is to use some of the features of the Scriptaculous JavaScript library:


It has many functions for moving text around and is much more powerful.

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