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We have received a WSDL from our client that we use to communicate with their service. I have made a service reference to it in our project, and had developed the code to interact with it. I have used SoapUI to set up a mock service from their wsdl and have successfully tested my code.

My question is: is there a way to do WSDL testing only in visual studio? I am new to SoapUI and some of my concerns are as follows:

  • No validation of input - i dont think it really cares what I pass into it. I would like to build more robust testing that would validate what i pass in and send...
  • Dynamic reply messages. From what I understand, you can define a set of reply messages in SoapUI and one will be randomly selected. I really need to be able to parse the input and send a reply specific to some of that data. It wouldnt have to be fully developed but it would be a big step in actually emulating the client's service.

Is there a better way that I should be doing this testing? Is there a Visual Studio tool I am unaware of? Should I be trying to create my own testing service that serves the same endpoints as the client's service and implement custom code for testing? Should I learn SoapUI better and possibly address some of my issues with it?

Please let me know, my coworker assumes that microsoft has a better way to test this kind of scenario. Thanks!

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We create a dummy web service based on the wsdl to test this type of scenario.

For one way of how to do this see: how to generate web service out of wsdl

(The answer in the link from marc_s is the one that works)

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I will look into that option but is there no better way? I am a little surprised microsoft doesnt have a tool like SoapUI. It looks like the proxy that gets generated from svcutil can be configured to be a service instead of a client, but thats also some configuration work whereas soapui more or less "just works". – yourbuddypal Jun 9 '11 at 15:15

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