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I'm using the SIP stack in Android 2.3.4 and everything is working nicely. However, I need the system to use SSL, and have created the following code:

        SipProfile.Builder builder = new SipProfile.Builder("user","domain");

        me =;

        Intent i = new Intent();
        PendingIntent pi = PendingIntent.getBroadcast(this, 0, i, Intent.FILL_IN_DATA);, pi, registrationListener);

Unfortunately the TLS bit in the setOutboundProxy() call appears to be doing nothing. Can anyone suggest how to use SSL with the inbuilt SIP stack? I don't really want to use pjsip as the app is working as it is, so would require a huge rewrite to use pjsip.

Thanks, Ed

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AFAIK Android's built-in SIP stack does not support SSL/TLS

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