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I have an xulrunner application that contains an iframe element. When the user hovers the mouse over a link in the framed document, I want to display the target url in another element.

I can catch mousemove events with: iframe.addEventListener('mousemove', function() { ... }, false);

but I don't see how to query the iframe for the url under the mouse. Can this be done?

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I solved this problem using code I found here:


Specifically I did this:

var gXULBrowserWindow =
  QueryInterface: function(aIID)
    if (aIID.Equals(Components.interfaces.nsIXULBrowserWindow) ||
     return this;

    throw Components.results.NS_NOINTERFACE;

  setJSStatus: function() { },
  setJSDefaultStatus: function() { },

  setOverLink: function(msg, aLink)
    var sb = GetOptElem('bottomstatus');
        sb.label = msg;
// hookup the browser window callbacks
    .XULBrowserWindow = gXULBrowserWindow;
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