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I am using google app engine for the first time. and new in web development. I read the documentation of google app engine but couldn't get one thing. I also googled but couldn't find something easy and simple. According to this query we will get all records with lastName Harold.

 Query query = pm.newQuery(Person.class, "lastName == 'Harold'"); 
 result = (List<Person>) query.execute();

In web application we take parameters by requests. How can i write the same query with only difference that in place of Harold we will use request parameter:


Thanks in advance.

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You'd do something like

Query query = pm.newQuery(Person.class);
query.setFilter("lastName = lastNameParam");
query.declareParameters("String lastNameParam");
List<Person> persons = (List<Person>) query.Execute("Harold");

which is a very slight variation on the first example in

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Thanks Dave. It worked. – Piscean Jun 10 '11 at 8:34

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