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My setup: In Eclipse, I have multiple projects open simultaneously. Each project is actually a different CVS branch of the same project codebase. I use Eclipse window working sets to switch between the branches. When I select a particular window working set, Eclipse will hide the other window working sets, allowing me to work on one branch at a time.

My problem: When I paste an exception stack trace into the Java Stack Trace Console, the links in the stack trace are opening the copy of the *.java file from a different branch than the one in the currently selected window working set. That is, it opens the copy from HEAD instead of the copy from REL_3_1, even though HEAD is hidden and only REL_3_1 is visible.

How do I tell Eclipse to open the copy that belongs to the currently selected window working set?

UPDATE: As I was preparing to submit a bug on Eclipse Bugzilla, I found that the issue was not happening anymore. I did not update or modify Eclipse. However, I did clean and rebuild my open projects. I wonder if this is an intermittent issue.

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This looks like a bug, please open a bug against JDT/Debug at Also I presume you wanted to say 'Window working sets' and not 'Window sets'

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Thank you. I'll open a bug within the next couple of days. – rdguam Jun 10 '11 at 3:45

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