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Consider there is one DB -DB1 on one machine-M1, which has many tables. There is a different DB2 on other machine-B .

Now there is a requirement where I need to replicate just one table from DB1 to machine B , so that a union query can be fired involving 1 table from both DB1 and 1 table from DB2.

Requirement is to replicate only one table selectively from DB1 to machine2.

Please assist in this ...

Thanks in advance

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You can grant replication on a single table.

GRANT REPLICATION SLAVE ON database.TABLE1 TO 'repl'@'%.mydomain.com';
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Above command didnt work ,it gave me error I replaced db,table,user and ip acc to my needs. ERROR 1144 (42000): Illegal GRANT/REVOKE command; please consult the manual to see which privileges can be used –  user761097 Jun 10 '11 at 12:33
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You can replicate a single table using replicate-wild-do-table along with selective database and binlogging options, but it's really not a nice way to go and is probably saving up trouble.

One flaw in your plan is that while you can do a union query across multiple databases, you can't do them across multiple connections, which is what you'd have. Why do you need to split the query like this anyway?

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