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I find using UML tools quite cumbersome and no one could ever accuse me of having been particularly productive while using them. Is there any tool out which can do Optical Diagram Recognition and produce an editable document from my back-of-a-fag-packet sketch?


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Not that I know of (and I look for them for a while some time ago). The problem is not so much recognizing the shapes in your diagram but recognizing your handwriting. Unless your handwriting was very clear (e.g. with a clear separation of characters) you don't have many chances of succeed.

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I was searching about it and find this:

http://ftp.qucis.queensu.ca/drl/papers/cascon.pdf http://thinkorthwim.com/2006/10/22/more-on-mit-sketch-understanding/ An Interactive System for Recognizing Hand Drawn UML Diagrams from Edward Lank http://ftp.qucis.queensu.ca/drl/papers/cascon.pdf

A good tip it is to search about "Natural Sketch Recognition in UML Class Diagrams" or "UML Optical Diagram Recognition"

[]'s Thiago Mata

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