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Greetings All

How can I vectorizing this for loop?


for ii=1:1:length(inner_freq)-1;ii=ii+1; 



I tried replacing it with the line below to see if it worked but I just get a straight line


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It appears that t_rebuilt is a 1-by-N vector of time points at which you want to evaluate a set of trigonometric functions with parameters defined in the rows of the M-by-3 matrix inner_freq. Then you want to add all these results into a single combined signal. You can do this without a for loop as follows:

temp = 2*pi*inner_freq(:,1)*t_rebuilt;  %# This matrix multiplication will
                                        %#   result in an M-by-N matrix
temp = temp+repmat(inner_freq(:,3),1,numel(t_rebuilt));  %# Replicate and add
                                                         %#   column 3
aa_sig_combined = inner_freq(:,2).'*cos(temp);  %'# Gives you your 1-by-N
                                                 %#   combined signal

You can then plot the result as follows:

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it worked perfectly thanks!!!! –  Rick T Jun 9 '11 at 19:51

Try this

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t_rebuilt=linspace(0,1,length(inner_freq)); so it's another array I plotted it and the plot came back as a straight line –  Rick T Jun 9 '11 at 17:30

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