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i'm using the sharppcap library and try to setup a filter. My goal is to setup a filter that only add packets from one ip adress and not the whole amount of data of any ip and tcp packets. i had tried the whireshark notation...

device = CaptureDeviceList.Instance[itemIndex];
device.Filter = "ip.src= and tcp"; // doesn't work - only "ip and tcp" works

does anybody know how to configure the filters for this library ? :-)

thanks a lot :-)

Best Regards Jan

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SharpPcap is a frontend for libpcap/winpcap so any filter you use has to be in a format that libpcap/winpcap understand. At this time no additional processing is performed by SharpPcap.

I believe the same filter syntax is used across libpcap/winpcap/tcpdump and wireshark.

Try something like:

"tcp and host" From here


SharpPcap author

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Try this:

string mac = "00-AA-00-AA-00-AA";
string filter =String.Format("((tcp and ip) or udp) and ether src host {0}", mac);
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