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I am developing an app that accesses a REST web service. Is there a web site or tool that would allow me to interactively send requests to the web site and display the results in a useful way? I thought there must be more than one but I cannot find it. Any tips would be appreciated!


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  • SOAPUI is a nice/free tool for functional testing with an easy to use GUI. I personally use this for testing web services.
  • You can also use REST-assured to test REST services and validating the response using Junit in Java.
  • Check on Firefox Addon Poster tool for interacting with web services and inspect the results.
  • Fiddler can also aid in your testing as it logs all the http(s) traffic between your computer and the internet. I personally use this to test all the http calls.
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A new tool on the block similar to the ones listed above is WfStorm.Rest wcfstorm.com/wcf/learn-more-rest.aspx –  user20155 Sep 17 '12 at 0:29

For simple quick verifications while developing, I use REST Client for Firefox.

For more maintained test suites, I would recommend checking out SOAPUI.

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OnionTest Write an Onion ! :) Not feature complete yet, but handy !

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I use the free API test console from theRightAPI. It lets me execute my tests and save them for later.

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