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I'm pretty new to Python and, in writing an app, have ended up with a structure that's a bit of a mess. The example below should illustrate what I'm trying to do. The issue is that I can't call the login method from because it is only defined in or


class Browser():

    def load_page():

Module import

class Login:
    def login():
        #code to login to this website 1

Module import

class Login:
    def login():
        #code to login to website 2

Any thoughts on how to restructure this would be appreciated.

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First of all, why static methods? You could just do def login at the global level.

Second of all, you could pass a class reference to the Browser class. (or a module reference if you take my first suggestion)

class Browser(object):
    def __init__(self, loginCls):
        self.loginCls = loginCls

    def login_page(self):
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