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I would like to host multiple applications on the same IIS. The problem is I need to use the same URL like www.example.com, but different directories. Also the port needs to be 80, or at least transparent to the end user, so I'd like to have something like his:



The problem is IIS does not let me create 2 sites with the same domain and the same port and I don't wanna use subdomains if possible.

Both apps should not be on the same site since they are separate applications with different mantainance schedules.

Is there a way to do this? Or do I have to use subdomains?

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If you have the app1 and app2 directories in the inetpub/wwwroot directory, and configure both of them as applications, it should have the effect you desire. Hope this helps...

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Indeed this should work, you can even assign them to a different Application Pool so that they are trully isolated so even if one crashes will not affect the other since they would be in different processes. –  Carlos Aguilar Mares Jun 9 '11 at 21:10

Your only other option other than the recommendations above is to use URL rewriting to have IIS translate the incoming URLs.


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Have you considered using Virtual Directories? These directories could use different application pools and thus have different maintenence schedules.

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