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For a new project, i had a strange idea of using an Arduino with a Wiznet W5100 Ethernet module for routing/proxying http data.

The module supports only 4 connections, and i am unsure if this will be enough; The available space in arduino (flash/ram) is also of concern.

I can't seem to find any code for an ultra-simple socks4a proxy (c/c++/java/php) so that i can verify the hardware will meet the requirements.

Any linkage or pseudo-code may help.


Found a simple c++ implementation, and will study this. I believe if just using CONNECT and not BIND, it should fit the requirements.

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I found some concise SOCKS (version 5) proxy server code in C++ here. It's one file.

Also, the TorCap2 proxifier code has SOCKS 4a code you can check out in DLL/TorCap2Dll.c which is fairly small and would be re-usable.

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