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I need a script that creates thumbnails of several photos on my facebook page. Only the thumbnails of the profile, would be something like the script FRIEND MATRIX, check out this link to understand my need: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=134890079921110&set=a.134890076587777.34037.100002003574706&type=1&ref=nf .

No need to generate an image of the person posting on facebook. I just wanted to show thumbnails of 100 photos, 200 photos or 1000 photos, of all people who like that page, without pagination.

The script that exists in the Facebook Developer only shows like that and are my friends, it shows an overview of all the people who like the link.

Do you understand? Sorry for my bad English.

I await help.

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The Facebook api doesn't provide an option any more to get the id's of people that like your page. It used to be possible using FQL against the page_fan table but they now require that you specify a user id for that call. So far the only way to even see who likes your page is logging in as your page admin and going to: http://www.facebook.com/browse/?type=page_fans&page_id=&start=100. It will only show you the most recent 500, but you could write a script that parses those 500 and run it frequently to log those id's and generate your images.

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