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I want to list the sites in the "ON" dropdown... alphabetically


 <div class="line">on <select name="connection">
                <?php foreach($System->ClientHandler->getClientList() as $client): if($client->id != 4): ?>
                    <option value="<?= $client->id ?>"><?= $client->name ?></option>
                <?php endif; endforeach; ?>
                <option value="4">other</option>
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Is getClientList() your code, and is this the only place you're using it? If so, sort the results in getClientList(). If not, copy the results of getClientList() to an array, sort it, and iterate through that instead.

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Add an 'ORDER BY' clause to your query.

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You could use an "ORDER BY" clause to your SQL query.


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If you are selecting your client list from a database, add an ORDER BY to the query. If you're using some library and you can't sort it there, then you can probably assign the getClientList() result to an array and then sort that array before generating the select list in HTML. If your sorting isn't obvious, then you might need to use the usort() function.

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