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I was wondering what is accomplished by having a method as the same name of the class. Does it work like a constructor? Here is an example:

class Foo {

  function Foo(){
    //do something.

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Does it work like a constructor?

It did, and still does for backwards computability, but the correct way to define a constructor from PHP 5 and onwards is to define a method called __construct.

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In < PHP5 it acts as a constructor. In PHP5+, for backward compatibility, it still works this way, but is deprecated. In PHP5+ you should use __construct( ) instead.

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This is how you would define a class constructor in PHP4.. though it is still valid for backward compatability it is deprecated and for PHP5 should use __construct()

Try this to make your class compatible with PHP4 and PHP5

  class foo {
//forward php4 to constructor
function foo() {

    return $this->__construct();

//constructor php5
function __construct() {

    register_shutdown_function(array(&$this, "__destruct"));


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